About me

I'm a philosophy student born and living in Brazil.

... To be honest I don't really know what else to write here, so in the absence of more interesting information I'll just list some of my interests. For now this is only a rough sketch of them, but I plan on making each long enough to warrant separate pages.

Feel free to mail me!


I mainly listen to classical music, although I'm starting to listen to some electronic (mainly chiptune) since 2014.


I love both boardgames (usually the abstract strategy boardgame variety) and videogames in general (usually turn-based strategy... I'm terrible at real-time games)


I was thinking about doing a "Literature and Poetry" section, but since starting studying at my university I also developed an interest in searching for older and more rare editions of books as well. I hope to update this section with images of them; it's very surprising how many rare books one can get for cheap at a second-hand bookstore.


I recently discovered that I like the smell of incense. I'm still figuring out which ones I like the most (and least), but I'll post more about it here when I do so.

Beer and Wine

I'm also a big fan of (pilsen) beers and (smooth, sweet, white) wines - but I always tend to experiment new ones!. I'll try to document what I think of each one as I do so (sometimes I forget which ones I have already drunk, which leads to me sometimes buying a wine that I already knew I didn't like).

Visual Literature

Because I also like anime, manga, comics, webcomics, youtube channels, tv series and even sometimes the occasional movie, but I don't want to do a separate thing for each and every one of them, here's a visual literature category! Because it's so varied it'll probably be bigger than all the other ones.


Yup, I like reading fanfiction - I'm even thinking about starting writing some. There really are some very well-crafted fanfics out there, but for some fandoms there are too little of them, I think - that's where the "I'll write some" part enters.