Welcome to the Hydra's Lair!

A small explanation for what I'm doing here

I actually got to see the end of the Geocities boom and the start of social media websites for myself. At first I was pretty excited about the new possibilities that social media entailed - but it seems to be getting a bit, er, boring now, a feeling which not too few people share. Thus I was very excited when I first heard about this Neocities thing. Also, getting older can make one a little bit nostalgic, but that's not the point; personal websites do allow more freedom in the way we organize our content, not being a place where most people are basically limited to seeing only people's most recent content (plus it certainly loads faster...). I hope to eventually organize this to be a very nice personal webpage, if procrastination doesn't get me first.

(Please keep in mind that this page is still very much under early construction!)